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Stalker Insta

  • Instagram public profile stalkers
  • Completely free
  • Privacy and security

It's simple to find out who logs into Instagram profiles. StalkerInsta is a website that shows stalkers from public Instagram profiles. The usability is simple and safe, just type the name of the profile you want to see stalkers and it will be displayed a list of all recent visitors to that profile.

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Who joined my Instagram profile

It is extremely easy to know the people who have visited your Instagram profile. click here and you will be taken to the screen that shows the visitors of any public profile of the Instagram. On this page, you just type the name of the profile you want to see stalkers and the list will be displayed. We do not ask for personal information or social media credentials.

View my profile visitors

How to use StalkerInsta

Access main screen

You can click the 'See Stalkers' link at the top from this screen to be directed to the screen where there is a field for you to enter the name of the profile and we will display the stalkers of that profile.

Inform the profile

Once you are on the StalkerInsta main screen you will see a field to enter the user name, just fill in this field and click on the button to search for the stalkers of that profile. However, the profile must be public to we show the stalkers.


There are no limits on the profiles you can enter to see the visitors, you can see stalkers from any public Instagram profile. But, sometimes you will need to solve the captcha to make sure there is no access automated access to our website.

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Reaching metrics

General information