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Using StalkerInsta

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Using StalkerInsta to view visitors from any public profile is extremely simple. After skipping this ads screen you will be directed to the screen where there is a field for you fill in the profile you want to see visitors.

Eventually you may get errors in the stalker listing. This is because Instagram limits our access to this information. If you get an error, you can try again at another time.

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Frequently asked questions

Below we list some frequently answered questions.

Why show ads?

We know how annoying ads are, but we need to keep the site in production and there is a cost in that process. Ads help us keep the site up and running normally for you serve in the best possible way.

Can I see stalkers from any profile?

Yes, StalkerInsta makes it possible to see stalkers from any public Instagram profile. AND no one will know what queries you are making, we do not store any information from users in our databases.

Can I use StalkerInsta on any device?

You can use StalkerInsta on any device, be it smartphones or computers. Only enter the profile of the user who wants to see the stalkers and a list of profiles will be displayed who have visited this typed profile.

Do I need to enter personal information?

No! We don't need to know any personal information to show stalkers. we cherish for the safety of all users and therefore no information is collected while you use our site.